Black Instagrammers in Minnesota You Need to Follow

When you think of Minnesota influencers what comes to mind? Beautiful pictures of lakes and fair skinned beauties rocking their Minnesota t-shirts? Well, let me invite you to think out of the box for a minute.

four black instagrammers from Minnesota

Minnesota has a robust black community and today I'm going to share a few Minneapolis influencers that are doing their thang on social media.

Black Instagrammers in the Twin Cities are serving up curated dopeness from fashion to food and everything in between. And let's be clear, this isn't a list about the top black influencers or those with the most numbers. This is just a reminder to take a look at black Instagramers in Minnesota that are offering a fresh perspective on life in the Twin Cities.

Black Instagrammers in Minnesota You Need to Follow 

Shawn Rodgers - Shawn Rodgers

Evelyn Irvin - Fashionista Over Forty

Angelique Kingsbury - The Quintessential Minneapolitan

Jewel Laura - Style Optimist

Stacie of  Stacie Raye

Shanticka - Tickanasha

Kayvona - Kayvona B.

Sabrina Adams - Fierce Flawed

Riche Effinger - The Riche Project

Edwige Foltek - Hypnozglam

Jasmine - Carpe Diem

Jena Holiday - A Spoonful of Faith

Vanessa McDuffie - Nessabess

and Minnesota Noir's very own Instagram account!

Please be sure to follow Minnesota Noir's new Instagram account for the black experience in the Twin Cities!


  1. I think of Prince when I think of Minnesota 😃
    Wonderful list of Instagramers I love finding new people to follow!

  2. Everyone you shared is beautiful. It's lovely that you are building a community of like minded blogger.

  3. Very cool list! I had a feeling Jasmine would make the list. I met her a few years ago. She's awesome!

  4. I love that you included dope people. Not just those with top numbers. You guys and gals are representing.

  5. What a lovely look at the variety of topics and looks Black instragammers of MN share. I follow a few. Now I'll follow the rest.

  6. Ok Minnesota black bloggers show out!!! Thanks for hightlighting them they need the love!

  7. Prince comes to mind when I think of Minnesota. But it's nice to see that the Black influencer are building a community.