5 Things to Buy at the Seward Coop Friendship Store

The Seward Friendship store has been around for now. I can remember sitting in community meetings where it was often mentioned by elders that the South-side neighborhood could use a co-op. It's amazing to see the fruit of their labor.

Since opening, I have visited a few times. Fresh local organic foods.

5 Things to Buy at The Seward Co-op

Breakfast - If and when they have the Praline Pecan French Toast, you better buy it. The muffins aren't too shabby either.

Lunch - Stop by the Hot Bar on Thursdays and get a southern style lunch that's good and spicy.

Dinner - Rotisserie Chickens - These are the biggest chickens I have seen and they taste great.

Dessert - Well, I pretty much go crazy for a slice of Key Lime pie. And just a slice because the whole pie is over twenty bucks, though it's totally worth it!

Essential Oils - Everything you need.

What I Wish They Would Improve On

See what I mean? I had a taste for my favorite and they were out.
You may notice that I haven't listed many grocery items. That's because I find that when I really need something, they are unfortunately all out. Like the time I need a red onion for my memorial day potato salad. Null.

So my one complaint is that they work through their supply kinks so that they don't have times when basic foods are unavailable.

Overall, I like the inner city co-op and I'm sure in time, they'll work out all the kinks.

Seward Community Co-op 317 E. 38th St.

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