Restaurant Review: Black Coffee and Waffles Bar

My husband and I like on coffee dates and in our quest for something new to try, we came across Black. After seeing all of the pictures on Instagram that make you start to droll, we knew this was a good place to start.

Black is a small coffee shop and the decor is dark inside hence the name.  There are windows so it's not gloomy by any means.   Black is not a African American owned company but offers some delicious breakfast that you should try out.

The coffee wasn't super sweet like I usually like it, and was smaller and more pricey than I'm used to, but the barista do his thang with the coffee art.  Try getting that at your big chain coffee shop.

The best part was the ginormous waffles loaded with yummy toppings.  You could choose to build your own, or pick fan faves like peanut butter, and.  We decided to split a it was as tasty as it was filling.  

Black sits right smack on the corner of 1500 and Como Ave. S.E. and is a little bit in the cut, but you should find it okay.

Peace, love, and blessings!

Have you ever been to Black?

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